About Me

My name is Sarah. I'm short, brunette and chubby and I live in Iowa with my fiance Paul and my daughter Allison. I work full time as a bookkeeper at a copy shop. I recently became an Ambassador for Barefoot Books, working toward the goal of eventually being able to stay at home with my daughter. I also love reading, scrap booking, quilting and (of course) blogging!

My fiance is Paul Switalski. He's tall, blond and skinny and for some reason he loves me. He works in IT and Computer Support. He loves watching sports, playing on his Playstation 3 and playing poker. He's an awesome daddy and an even awesomer fiance.

My daughter is Allison Mae. She's extremely short, mostly bald and very chubby. She was born November 5, 2009 after 21 hours of labor. It was worth it though because she is an absolute angel. I know it's cliche but she changed our lives forever and for the better. Some things are cliche because they're true, ya know. Allison doesn't work yet but she manages to keep busy. She loves chewing on her toys, books, paper and my fingers. She also enjoys being naked and pooping immediately after I change her diaper. Her favorite toy is her "Laugh and Learn Bunny", her favorite food is green beans and her favorite person is Bella the dog (no joke!).

The dog is named Isabella after the main character in the Twilight series. She's a West Highland Terrier who loves barking at other dogs, licking everything and stealing food from our plates.

So, that's us in a nutshell. I hope you'll follow my little blog here and get to know us better!

**Pictures will be posted here as soon as Paul lets me use his laptop!

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