Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Traveling Tuesday: Off we go to Mexico!

Sorry I'm so late in posting this! I'm busy, you know, with a baby to feed, change and play with. Plus, I had to see the season finale of Glee!

Anyway, for Traveling Tuesday this week I want to talk about the book Off We Go to Mexico! written by Laurie Kreb and Christopher Corr.

Off We Go to Mexico! is a fun, colorful book that takes the reader through various places in Mexico. I thought the text was well written with a rhyming scheme that rolls off the tongue.

Off we go, off we go, off we go to Mexico!
We swim in turquoise water and build castles on the beach.
We climb up rocks or watch from docks,
to see the gray whales breach.
Each page has four words that are translated into Spanish which was a bonus for me since my future sister-in-law is from Mexico and her kids speak fluent Spanish! Now I can say things like "we climb pyramids" and "things to buy" which I'm sure will come in handy! ;)

The illustrations throughout the book are bright and colorful. The warm colors really make you think of sunshine and hot days on the beach. Each page is filled with interesting people, animals and other things for little eyes to take in. You could spend a long time with your child just pointing out different images on a page (which may or may not be a good thing for parents!).

In addition to the Spanish words found on each page, there is a page in the back of the books which translates more common words and phrases. Learn how to say "Good Morning", "I don't understand", "What is your name?" and more.

The endnotes in the back also consists of:
  • A full page map of Mexico
  • Facts about Mexico such as population, weather and information about landmarks
  • Information about important festivals in Mexican culture
  • Illustrated history of Mexico
Off We Go to Mexico! is recommended for children 4-10 years old. I think children under 4 would still enjoy the rhyming words and colorful pictures even if they don't get much out of the context. Older kids we enjoy the end notes and practicing the Spanish words sprinkled throughout the book.

You can buy Off We Go to Mexico! online here.

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review however, as a Barefoot Books Ambassador, I will receive commission for any books purchased from the posted links. I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on products and I will never give a review that does not reflect my true feelings, regardless of possible compensation.

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    Even though I don't have children (yet) I am interested in your book reviews (and sometimes post reviews on children's books myself)

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