Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordy Wednesday (I still have 3 minutes until Wednesday is over!)

Some days it seems like I'd be better off if I just stayed in bed...

I woke up late this morning, or I should say, I woke up even later than normal this morning. I rushed to get ready, gave Paul and Allison kisses goodbye and ran to the door to put on my shoes... and I could only find one of them! I searched everywhere while Paul lay on the couch watching me (don't bother offering to help - I'm fine!).

I eventually remembered I had an extra pair of acceptable shoes at work and slipped on my flip flops just as Paul found the energy to sit up and dig my shoe out from under the couch cushion. Apparently, my 2 year old dog has rediscovered her old passion for chewing shoes! I told Paul to forget it as I ran out of the house and into the rain. Let me tell ya, wet feet are definitely an amazing way to start your day!

Halfway to work I realized that I didn't have enough gas to actually get TO work so I had to stop and fill up, putting me even further behind schedule. Luckily, when I reset the time clock at work for Daylight Savings I "accidentally" set it 5 minutes behind. Also, my boss had a similar morning so I still beat her to the office. I made it to work "on time", but not without a lot of stress.

I work at a print/copy shop. My job title is Administrative Assistant. My title in no way describes the variety of work I’m expected to do. Billing, printing, deliveries, shipping, graphic design… I do a little bit of everything. Not to mention doing whatever one of my bosses asks me to do, whenever they want me to do it. I guess you could say, I'm a professional ass kisser. But, I just wasn't feeling it today. The hours dragged and my coworkers seemed hell bent on annoying me. 8 1/2 long hours later, I was finally allowed to leave.

I picked up Allison as soon as I walked through the door and we cuddled and sang and played together. And when she got tired she lay her head on my shoulder and took a nap.

Allie usually prefers to sleep on her own so I can't remember the last time she slept on my lap. It really brought me back to her newborn days when she would fall asleep nursing and just cuddle against me.

*contented sigh*

Moments like that make getting out of bed so worthwhile.

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Melanie said...

Oh, I remember those days! Breastfeeding and rocking always put mine to sleep. I can't remember the last time she accidentally fell asleep on me. You and your daughter are so beatiful in the pic, my eyes are watery. I mean, I'm not crying...they are just watery.

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