Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

So, I know a lot of my fellow bloggers do a "Wordless Wednesday" post where they just post pictures that are important to them. I have to admit, I love stalking all of those pics! But, I find I have a lot to say today so I'm going to stick with my Photo Friday and make my Wednesday a day for words. Am I the only one out there that says "Wed-nes-day" in her head when she's spelling it? I didn't think so.

When I started this blog my sole focus was to write about children's literature and my new business venture with Barefoot Books. Okay, I lied, I started this blog back in February with no real purpose. I gave up after one post because I didn't know what to write about or who would read it. I revived this blog a few weeks ago to talk about kid's books and yes, I admit I even wanted to sell them. *gasp!*

But, I am finding that my blog is evolving. I'm reading other blogs, trying to fit into this online community and realizing that no one will want to be my friend if they don't know anything about me. Am I right? Plus, I keep catching myself writing blog posts in my head. They're not really doing anyone any good in my head so I might as well write them down.

So, I'm trying to find a good balance for this blog because apart from my desire to sell books, I really do think it's important to read to our children and I really do have a passion for children's books. I don't want to lose focus of that part of my little blog.

I figured out a posting schedule that I think is going to work for me:

Sunday - occasional posts about education/reading issues or topics
Monday - nothing (unless I find something I just have to share!)
Traveling Tuesday - I will review a book from Barefoot's line of "Adventure and Travel" Books.
Wordy Wednesday - An update on my week, things my cute baby did, etc.
Thursday - nothing (unless I find something I just have to share!)
Photo Friday - pictures of my cute baby or whatever strikes my fancy
Stick Figure Saturday - ala alabaster cow *love this idea and had to use it!*

I don't think you'll get tired of me too quickly with a schedule like that. Plus, I think I can stick to it ;)

My DD, Allison and I have been sick since Monday. I thought for sure I was going to die yesterday, I didn't want to move and every time I did move I would cough or sneeze or feel faint. So, I stayed in bed all day and caught up on episodes of Glee while my fiance, Paul took care of Allie.

Allison may only be 6 months old but compared to her I am a big baby! She's had a cough and a runny nose too but she's still acting like herself. She's playing and rolling and being her normal good-natured self. I'm sure that if she had a job she would've gone to work yesterday instead of skipping like I did.  What a trooper!

We did take Allie to the doctor today just to be on the safe side. She had a bad case of rsv this past winter and I don't care to relive that. The doctor said it's just a cold and she'll be fine which was good to hear. Our only concern now is the fact that she hasn't been really interested in food the past few days. Today she only had three 6 ounce bottles and one 4 ounce bottle. That's only 22 ounces in a 24 hour period and she usually gets 30-36 plus cereal and veggies which she had no interest in today. The doctor didn't seem very concerned but it does worry me. Any advice from the more experienced mommas out there?

Anyway, she's sleeping now so I think I'm going to take some time to read a bit. I'm rereading "Gracelin O'Malley" by Ann Moore. It's one of those books that takes me away every time I read it and reminds me of the importance of family, the strength of love and the love of God. I'm no great shakes at reviewing adult books but I enjoy this series.

Don't forget to enter to win my giveaway (this is my first!) You could win a great set of books for the kiddos in your life!

Also, don't forget to check out Barefoot Books Weekly Podcast. This week they are reading "The House That Jack Built" It's an old classic although I always preferred the version that my mom read: "The House That Sarah Built" ;)


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