Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun in the Sun (with liberal amounts of sunscreen, of course!)

We took Allison to the pool for the first time on my birthday and it was a blast! We ventured into the water after coating Allison in 3 layers of sunscreen and carefully securing a sunhat on top of her head. Paranoid first time Momma? You bet!

Allison was a little unsure about everything when we first sat down with her in the shallow end of the pool. She has a wading pool at home but the giant pool full of screaming, splashing kids was a whole new adventure for her. She sat there and looked around for a few minutes before she turned and climbed into my lap.

So, we went and hung out in the shade for awhile and enjoyed watching all the people go by. I wasn't able to find my camera for our adventure so I took the camcorder instead. I was disappointed with the quality and we didn't get any shots of Allison in the water (we did get some video though!) I was glad we had something with us to record Allie's first time at the pool. She was sooo cute in her little swim suit! :)

 Look at those thighs! Don't you just want to nibble them? I love her little rolls!

The last picture is of Allie giving me a kiss. She's such a sweetheart and will give me one whenever I ask and often when I don't. It makes me laugh every time though because her version of a kiss involves opening her mouth as wide as it will go and "eating" my lips. What a doodle!

We went back to the water for a second time after our photo session and Allison did so much better. She laughed and splashed in between wrestling to get her hat off. I think she's going to be a swimmer like her Momma. :)

I'm glad I was able to have my birthday off from work so I could spend it with my little family. It's strange to think how much has changed so quickly. Last year I was pregnant on my birthday but I still spent it by going to a karaoke bar with my friends and staying out way too late. I had a blast even though I wasn't drinking with the rest of them. The year before last my girl friends and I took a trip to Vegas for my birthday and it was a fun experience full of single girl hilarity.

This year however was by far my best birthday yet. My little lady makes every day special. Even when she's teething and grumpy. Okay... yeah, I sometimes wish I could run away to Vegas on the grumpy days but... you know I'd always come back ;)

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Lourie said...

Awww so cute! Baby kisses are the best!

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