Monday, August 30, 2010

How do you balance?

According to the FlyLady website, last week was Anti-Procastination Week. Updating this blog was on my list of things to do but of course I put it off until the last minute. Then my hard drive crashed and suddenly I was out of time! Lesson Learned: Don't put things off until the last minute because the unexpected my happen and "the last minute" may appear before you were expecting it.

Luckily, Paul is a computer tech guy and he was able to implement a temporary fix. So here I am.

If I'm honest, this blog isn't the only thing I've been neglecting lately. I'm really struggling with finding the right balance for my time and my life. I work eight hours, five days a week. When I get home from work I have about three hours to spend with my daughter before she goes to bed. Then I get a few hours to either clean house or do something I enjoy. Which option do you think I've been choosing? Yup. My house is in ruins.

So, I'm trying this Flylady thing - learning how to get my home out of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) I'm still stuck on the first baby step, shining my kitchen sink. But the concept is simple and I think it will work for me. Working few minutes a day to get my house clean doesn't seem so hard. If you haven't heard of FlyLady you should really check her out!

I'm trying to implement that principle into other aspects of my life. If I can spend a few minutes shining my sink then surely I can spare a few minutes to update my blog. After all, blogging is something I enjoy when I don't let myself worry about other people's opinions.

I will keep you updated on how my flying lessons are going! Have you shined your kitchen sink today? I have! :)

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Lourie said...

I have been a FlyBaby for about 5 or 6 years now...maybe even more. SOmetimes I am right on track and sometimes not so much. The thing she pushes the most is making the routines fit your own life. And then be flexible for when life happens. ;) And I totally hear ya about choosing what you choose to do. I don't work outside the home, and I still have a chaotic home.

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