Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Date Night :)

My fiance, Paul and I got to go on a date tonight while my parent's watched Allison. It was so nice to get time just for the two of us! Unfortunately, date night puts me even further behind on all my work but it was so worth it! I think it's really important to get adult time when you have little ones at home and believe it or not, we actually found things to talk about that didn't involve the baby! That sure doesn't happen often!

Before I head to bed I did want to remind you about the big sale going on over at Barefoot Books this weekend... 20% off everything in the marketplace May 27-31. Just click the banner below to be taken directly to the marketplace! The sale should automatically apply itself when you check your Shopping Basket but if it doesn't you just need to enter MAYSALE into the box labeled "Special Offer Code". Be sure to share this sale with friends! Happy Shopping!

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