Friday, July 30, 2010

I want to be a bounty hunter!

I'm currently working my way through the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich a second time. It's much harder to do now that I have a baby but it's a fun way to get some me time :)

Stephanie Plum was a typical 30 year old from Jersey until she lost her job "selling panties" for a lingerie store and fell into a job as an Apprehension Agent for her cousin Vinnie's bond agency. The books follow Stephanie as she tracks down FTA's for the bond agency, often getting shot at and losing cars in the process.

I'm on book four which is aptly titled Four to Score. Here's an excerpt from the opening:

"Living in Trenton in July is like living inside a big pizza oven. Hot, airless, aromatic.
Because I didn't want to miss any of the summer experience I had the sunroof open on my Honda CRX. My brown hair was pulled up into a wind-snarled, curls-gone-to-frizz ponytail. The sun baked the top of my head, and sweat trickled under my black spandex sports bra. I was wearing matching spandex shorts and a sleeveless oversized Trenton Thunders baseball jersey. It was an excellent outfit except it gave me no place to stick my .38. Which meant I was going to have to borrow a gun to shoot my cousin Vinnie..."

The books are hilarious and I often find myself laughing so hard that I shoot milk out of my nose. They also give me an irresistible and inexplicable urge to take up the bounty hunter lifestyle myself.

I can see it now...

I am dressed head to toe in black, stalking through someone's yard. I have a gun in my waistband (not that I'd use it - like Stephanie, I probably wouldn't even have it loaded) and hand cuffs in my pocket. I knock on the door and announce myself as an Apprehension Agent, demanding that the FTA open up! The wanted man sneaks out the back door and takes for the hills, not that I care, I like the chase (hah!). I run after him and promptly trip over my own feet into a pile of dog poop.

...yeah so maybe not.

I guess that's why I love reading so much, I get to live vicariously through people who are more talented and exciting than myself.

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That one girl said...

LOVE new books. I'm going to check that out!

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