Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh my!

We spent the last four days in Illinois visiting Paul's family. His sister, brother and sister-in-law live in Arizona and we're in Illinois for a couple of weeks so we went out to see them.

Let me tell you, traveling four hours in a car with a newborn is a piece of cake. Traveling four hours in a car with a 9 month old is pure horror. When Allison was little, she just slept the whole time. Sure, we had to stop a couple times so I could nurse her but then she would go promptly back to sleep. Now that she's older, we can't trick her into sleeping and she doesn't want to spend hours sitting in a car seat. Not that I blame her. We had to stop several times just to let the little one out to "stretch her legs". So, a four hour journey turned into 6 hours of trying to entertain an active baby who doesn't understand "we'll be there soon!".

But, eventually we got there and it was good to see Paul's family again. Paul's brother, Steve and sister-in-law, Rosy have a 7 year old son named Brandon and 2 year twins named Connor and Shannon. Oh boy, and I thought I had it rough! They had to travel four hours in a plane with that brood!

But, aren't they cute? It was beyond difficult getting them all to sit still long enough... we didn't even bother trying to get them all to smile at once. Okay, I lied. We sang, we danced, we took about twenty million pictures in an attempt to get one shot of them all at least looking at the camera. The picture above is the best shot we took. I'm learning that when it comes to kids sometimes you just have to take what you can get!

Steve and Rosy left for Arizona with the twins on Sunday but Paul's sister Tina stayed behind with Brandon (the 7 year old) So, on Monday we all loaded up and went to Brookfield Zoo. Yes, I took a 9 month old to the zoo. It was so much fun. :)

Allison's favorite animals were the Toucan and the fish. The toucan sat very close to the fence of his enclosure and he was so colorful, Allison just couldn't take her eyes off him! When it came time to leave she waved and said Bye-bye Birdie. Okay, it was more like "bye bye byeeeeeee" but you know she meant to say birdie.

The fish tanks were really amazing because the glass reaches all the way to the floor and Allie could stand there with her hands on the glass and just watch the colorful fish swim by. She was truly fascinated and it kinda made me feel like a bad mom for not having a fish tank in the house, but only a little bit. I won't be surprised if she wants a goldfish when she's older though.

Allison slept through the monkey exhibit and the giraffes but all in all I think it was a great experience for her. I know in a few years she'll be telling me she's never been to the zoo but it's okay, I don't mind going back :)

Allison eating a picnic lunch in front of the sea lion exhibit
Paul and Allison watching the gorillas... that is, until Allie heard me turn the camera on!
This is Allison the River Otter, signing off! "Bye Bye!"


Jessica Anne said...

So cute! I hate traveling with kids from about 6 mos to about 2 1/2 yrs old. Lots of boredom and complaining.

Sarah said...

Oh no! I was hoping it would get better! lol Well, at least I know my daughter isn't the only one!

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