Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mom Wars (tales of labor): An Apology

A long,
long, long
time ago in a
city not so far away...

...a young woman named Sue was pregnant with her first baby (that's me!). The baby was due on June 28; but hot, humid June turned into sweltering, humid July and Sue was still pregnant (I like to do things on my own time). She was beginning to feel like she would be pregnant forever when she finally started having contractions on the evening of June 12 - two weeks after her due date!

The contractions were so light that Sue decided to wait at home for awhile before going to the hospital. She went to bed with the hope that she could get some sleep before the real work began. She slept for about an hour but then woke up to finding water gushing everywhere - her water had broken! Suddenly Sue was overcome with waves of pain that never seemed to end. She woke up her husband and told him that they had to leave right away!

Sue labored at the hospital through the night and all through the next day without much progress. She had terrible back pain but no one seemed too concerned that the medicine she'd requested wasn't helping. "It's labor," they told her, "it's not supposed to be easy"

Finally, a new doctor started his shift on the maternity ward. It was 9:00 pm on July 13, almost 24 hours since Sue's water had broken and she was still only dilated a few centimeters. The doctor took one look at her and said "we've got to get that baby out of there!" 

Sue felt immediate relief as the doctor administered a spinal block. At that point she didn't care what was happening as long as the pain was over and the baby would be okay. 

So, at 9:42 pm on July 13, I was pulled from my mother's womb. As my mom likes to tell it, I was so stubborn that there was no other way I was going to come out. In truth, I was turned facing forward (sunny-side up) and I couldn't push past my mom's pelvic bone. But, if she want's to blame that on my stubbornness she certainly has the right!

Today, on my 28th birthday, I would like to issue a formal apology to my mom for her pain and suffering. I'm sorry Mom! I couldn't fully appreciate the pain my mom went through until I had my own baby. Thanks for sticking it out Mom! I mean, I know at that point you didn't have much of a choice, but I appreciate it nonetheless :)

This seems to be the only picture I have of me as a little tyke. I'll have to rectify that problem soon!
Anyway, I took today off work to spend with my little family and tonight we're going to dinner with my parents and brother. Should be fun. Do you think I should give my mom a card? ;)


The Drama Mama said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lourie said...

Well Happy Birthday to you!

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