Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red Marionette Giveaway at The Rickrack Studio

I was so excited last night when I discovered that The Rickrack Studio is doing a giveaway for a $30 gift card for Red Marionette's Etsy Shop and a little plush cat named Steve!

Red Marionette's Shop is full of fun felt plushies, wreaths, clutches, ornaments and more. Each character has a name and a personality all their own!

I'm seriously going to have a hard time deciding what to get if I win the gift certificate - I love everything in the shop! Maybe the bunny plushies, or an owl pouch, perhaps a wreath or a Christmas tree skirt...

Would you like a chance to win Steve and a gift card to Red Marionette's shop? Head over to The Rickrack Studio and enter! The giveaway ends tomorrow at 9pm EST so you better hurry!

1 comment:

Lourie said...

Oh my goodness those are sooo cute!

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