Monday, July 5, 2010

Packing Things Away

We spent our day off today by packing some of Allison's "baby" things away. We sent the baby tub, the Bumbo seat, the bouncy seat and the swing to the attic. I'd be a lair if I said it didn't make me a little said. Sure, she never uses these things anymore and it's nice to have some extra space. But it's a strong reminder that my little girl is growing up.

She turned 8 months old today and I know it's cliche, but where has the time gone? Now, she would rather play in boxes than bat at the toys hanging over her bouncy seat. She would rather roll across the floor then swing back in forth in her infant swing. She's so much fun now, she's developing her own little personality and proofing to be just as stubborn as her Momma! It's fun to watch but I do miss the days when she would just let me rock her in my arms. *sigh*

 Above: Sleeping in the swing at 5 days old

Below: Playing in a box at 8 months old

In other news, Allison's first 4th of July was basically a bust. We went downtown around 6 to spend time with family. We weren't sure if Allie would make it to dusk to see the fireworks but we were going to give it a try. Paul and I left her with my mom so we could  check out some of the vendors and buy a funnel cake. We crossed the river to see what was on the other side (why else? lol) Then, we were half way across the bridge headed back to the family when we heard screaming. I looked up and a wall of water was headed towards us. I'm not going to lie, my first reaction was to turn around and run. But, my second reaction was to get to my baby and that one won out. We were pretty much soaked the second the rain hit us. We got back to my family and found them huddled under a couple umbrellas. Allison was tucked safely in the middle and was the only one to stay dry!

We waited for the rain to slow before we transferred Allie to her stroller and made a run for it. I'm sure we were a funny picture, Paul pushing the stroller while I struggled to keep an umbrella in front of Allison. I guess we thought she would melt if she got wet.

This is a terrible picture. We were wet and very cold but I convinced Paul we needed a picture. I propped the camera on a shelf and set it to take the picture in 10 seconds then I ran for it. lol Allison was wearing a super cute red, white and blue dress but I guess all you get to see is her diaper :p

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Aw... it is bitter sweet when you have to pack the baby things away. *hugs*

Sorry to hear your fourth got rained out! Your dd will probably appreciate the fireworks more next year though anyway!

Lourie said...

Awww she is sooo sweet.

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