Monday, November 15, 2010

Allie's Minnie Mouse First Birthday Party!

So, as I mentioned earlier, we had a Minnie Mouse theme for Allison's first birthday party. She loves The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and just goes crazy over Mickey and Minnie. So, when I saw The Minnie's First Birthday theme on the Birthday in a Box website, I knew we had to do it! Isn't it cute? :)
I've never planned a birthday party before so I was a bit intimidated by the whole thing. Paul had family coming in from Illinois and I have a lot of cousins who I knew would be hurt if they weren't invited so we ended up with 40 guests! Talk about pressure! Luckily, Allison is a "people person" so we knew that she would be thrilled to have so many people there giving her love and attention.

We bought the plates, cups and napkins from Birthday in a Box. The next most important thing, for me anyway, was finding the perfect birthday shirt for the guest of honor. I searched all over and eventually found exactly what I was looking for on Etsy (of course!) And I'm sad because I'm looking through my pictures and can't find one that show the shirt very well. But she will be wearing it in some of her one year shots when we get them taken in a few weeks. :)

The shirt was made by Azaria Designs Here's a picture of the design on a bib:
 Cute, right? :)

The next important part was finding the perfect cake! I knew I wanted a two tier cake with pink and white polka dots. I was hoping to get the Minnie Mouse head like the one on her shirt on the cake too. Unfortunately, the bakery told me they couldn't do that because of of copyright issues. I was disappointed but I get it and it turned out wonderful anyway! I found a Minnie Mouse plush and a little figurine to put near the cake and tie it all together. Plus, the bakery threw in a free smash cake! :)

Allison had a blast opening presents and absolutely LOVED being the center of attention! And she was still grinning from ear to ear when everyone started singing Happy Birthday. 

Paul's family has a tradition of putting the baby on the floor in nothing but their diaper with their smash cake on their first birthday. I think Miss Allie disappointed everyone by being relatively neat though! 

Anyway, Allison enjoyed her first taste of cake and then scared the you know what out of me when she tried to grab me with her fists full of cake!

 Luckily, we had the party at our church and we were able to stick Allison straight in the giant kitchen sink after her cake :)

Overall, I think the party went very well. I'm certainly not a party planning expert but it all pulled together. In the end, I just felt so blessed to have so many family members and friends who love us and our baby girl.

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