Friday, November 12, 2010


My surgery was successful, Gail the gallbladder is gone! I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks since I had surgery. I spent the first week home from work doing nothing. They gave me codeine for the pain which made me very hyper and made it hard for me to sleep. You would think I'd have spent a lot of time blogging during that week but instead I got addicted to Squidoo and spent most of my time writing pages for them!

The hardest part of the whole experience (aside from the pain and lack of sleep) was that I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for 2 weeks. So, my poor 22 pound 1 year old got very frustrated with me. My mom and dad were a huge help and dame to the house to help me on the nights that Paul was in class. But, Allie wasn't a huge fan of having grandma put her to bed, even though I was right there with them. It was heartbreaking to have her walk up to me and say "bup" (up) and not be able to pick her up. Thankfully, we are now done with that restriction and Allie seems much happier now that her Mama can scoop her up from the floor again.

In other news, Allison turned 1 year old on November 5th! It's amazing how fast time flies, isn't it?

We had a Minnie Mouse First Birthday for her on November 7 which I will talk about in full detail in my next post. :)

Paul also got a full time job in IT while I was out from my surgery. He's already talking about letting me work part time at my current job and part time with Barefoot Books after we get married. Then, eventually I will be able to quit the job and just focus on my baby and my books! I can't tell you how happy it made me when he said that!

Oh yeah, and Halloween happened too of course. Here's my little chicken :)
Things are looking up my friends!

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Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Okay, too cute! My little one turned one this weekend, we did a monkey theme. I can't wait to see your pics!

And glad you survived the surgery. It's so hard when you can't be there for your baby.

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